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Code of Conduct


When completing an application form for free travel, parents are required by Transport for NSW to read the Code of Conduct before completing the form.

Code of Conduct for School Students on Buses

To ensure your safety and the comfort of other passengers students will:

Conditions of Travel

  1. This ticket must be shown on each journey; if not, the student must pay a fare (this includes both town and charter students).
  2. Any ticket case used to carry this pass must have a clear untinted window with the front of the pass visible.
  3. Passes must not be defaced and must be kept whole.
  4. This pass is not transferrable and any illegal use will result in the pass being withdrawn.
  5. For travel between the registered address to or from school on school days only. Journey cannot be broken.
  6. Pass is not valid to or from sporting events, etc.
  7. Lost, stolen or defaced passes will be replaced for a fee.
  8. This pass must be returned if the holder changes address, transfers to another school or ceases to attend school.
  9. Students must follow the driver's instructions at all times.
  10. Unruly misbehavior will be dealt with at the company's discretion.
  11. Any person found causing damage will be prosecuted.
  12. The pass always remains the property of the company.
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